The History of the Development of PC Computers From Time to Time

During the pandemic, more and more people are using computers as a medium for work. Its existence is increasingly needed by the community, making several manufacturers innovate to issue products with the latest technology. The sophistication of the computer you are using today is inseparable from the history of its development from time to time. Here’s a summary of the history of the computer/PC that you should know:

1. The invention of the computer
The world’s first computer had a much different form from today’s computers. Charles Babbage as the inventor of the computer in 1822 originally wanted to create a steam-powered calculating machine. However, the working system used by the world’s first computer and modern computers is the same, namely both for numerical calculations/computing.
2. The invention of the digital computer
The digital computer is not a development of the world’s first computer. It was created by a different person, namely Alan Turing a mathematical researcher. He developed a machine capable of executing a command. His invention was named the Turing machine and the test of his ideas was called the Turing test.
Then it was developed 6 years later or around 1936 by Konrad Zuse, a German mechanical engineer. The Z1 was the first digital computer he developed before World War 1 and was destroyed during World War 2.
After that came the figure of John Mauchly who created the ENIAC engine. John’s goal in creating the machine was to help the army predict attacks. Because ENIAC is equipped with a system capable of analyzing thousands of problems in seconds. ENIAC weighs 30 tons, because it contains many components, such as 40 cabinets, 6000 switches, and many more.

Computers From Time to Time
3. Programming language
In 1954 a programming language to help new computer systems work was born. It was created by Grace Hopper with the aim that computers can convey messages in English. Before the invention of the programming language / COBOL, computers only received and gave information in the form of numbers. Since then, programming languages ​​have been developing, one of which is the FORTRAN programming language created by the IBM programming team.
4. The first technology company
The IBM company led by John Backus has ambitions to become a pioneer of computer trends in the world. His ambition started with creating IBM devices and mass-produced them. Then in 1965, Programma 101 became the first digital computer to be marketed and popular among mathematicians, engineers, and the general public. When compared with ENIAC, Programma 101 has a more compact shape and weight, which is only about 29 kg.
5. Personal computer
Personal computers were first marketed in 1970, the technology they brought made computers capable of sending documents via email and printing machines. Xerox Alto is the first personal computer that looks like a modern computer today. Xerox Alto is also equipped with a keyboard, mouse, and monitor screen. Still in the same year, there were some great inventions such as floppy disks, internet, DRAM.

Then, 6 years later, the Apple company was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The company introduced the production of the Apple 1 computer, which became the first single-circuit computer. Then followed by Microsoft who introduced Word in 1983 and rivaled by Apple with the release of the Macintosh in 1984.
So that’s a brief history of the invention of the world’s first computer until the computer in the 1980s. There is still a long history of computer development to become modern computers like the ones we use today.

Tips for Caring for a PC Computer Monitor to Stay Durable

As we know, that the monitor is a vital component of the computer as a visual graphic display. Without a monitor, the user will not be able to operate the computer. Because its existence is very vital, it is important for users to take care of this one computer component. As technology develops, the types of monitors are also increasingly diverse, such as CTR, LCD, LED, and plasma. Then, what is the correct monitor screen care? The following are tips for caring for the monitor screen to keep it durable:

1. Installing a screen protector
Just like human skin that must be protected to stay healthy. The computer monitor screen must also be installed with a screen protector to avoid dust and scratches during the use process. The screen protector itself is generally made of a special strong plastic material. To buy it is quite easy, you just need to go to a computer accessories store.
2. Computer placement
The wrong placement of the computer can also affect the durability of the computer. Place the computer in a clean place, so that it is minimally exposed to dust and dirt. Because, dust and dirt can make the monitor quickly damaged. In addition, the correct placement of the computer also aims to prevent the monitor from liquid. Because, if the monitor is exposed to liquid, then its performance will be disrupted, so it cannot distinguish colors properly.
3. Temperature setting
Some types of monitors require different temperature settings to work optimally. Like LCD and LED monitors that require the right temperature and humidity. Avoid the computer from high temperatures, because it will shorten its life. Try to place the computer in a dry place and the room humidity is maintained.
4. Keep away from magnetic field
To keep the monitor durable, you should keep the monitor away from any components that contain magnetic fields.
5. Clean regularly
The monitor screen is a computer component that is prone to dust and dirt, therefore it needs proper regular cleaning. Use a duster to clean the LCD/LED monitor screen. When cleaning the LCD/LED monitor, try not to touch the display panel, because the panel is very sensitive. Then, to clean the display panel use a wet tissue, wipe slowly and carefully.
6. Use it well
The monitor screen is the most sensitive hardware component, so when opening or repairing it you have to be very careful. To maintain the durability of the monitor screen, you can use screen saver settings when using the computer in a short time. Not only the monitor screen, the CPU part of the computer must also be considered clean. This component, known as the brain of the computer, is also prone to dust and dirt. Accumulation of dust and dirt on the CPU, can cause the computer to shut down suddenly. Actually, the cleaning method is quite easy, it’s just that you need to be careful.

The first thing before cleaning the CPU, make sure all the power cables are all disconnected. Then, open the CPU case and remove some of the components inside. After all the parts are removed, clean using a blower or small brush. Avoid using any liquid to clean this part, because it can cause interference. After the components are clean, reinstall all the components as before. Make sure all components are installed as before, so that computer performance is not compromised. Just like the human body that is well cared for, they will not be susceptible to disease. Likewise, computers also require good maintenance, so that they can be used in the long term. The computer has become an inseparable tool of today’s work, its benefits for education, entertainment and for playing games such as slot online make humans always need it as a tool.

Know the Functions of the Components of a Computer/PC

Computers are electronic devices that can be used to complete office activities, play games, and other activities. As technology develops, computers are increasingly diverse and sophisticated.
Currently, computers are divided into 2 types, namely portable and desktop. Types of portable computers such as laptops, tablet PCs, netbooks, and the like. While the desktop is a type of computer that first existed, but the function remains the same.

This article will specifically review the function of each component on a desktop computer. The following components on a desktop computer:
1. Casing (case)
Desktop type computers generally have a case as a “home”. The case is made of plastic and metal. However, as technology develops, some desktop computers have been designed to be more compact without a case. Designs like this are often found on AIO PCs, where the computer case is made to blend with the monitor screen. The function of the casing is to protect computer components from dust and dirt.
2. Power supply unit
PSU is a vital component in desktop computers, because it is in charge of converting AC current into DC current, so that computer components get a power source.
3. Motherboards
Not only the CPU, the motherboard is also a vital component in a desktop type computer. The motherboard is a circuit board that connects all computer components, from the CPU, RAM, ports and expansion slots, and many others.

4. CPU
The main component that is integrated with the motherboard is the CPU, or better known as the brain of the computer. Because, the CPU is in charge of doing calculations and executing every command from the user. CPU components are equipped with heatsinks and fans to reduce overheating. The latest desktop computers are usually also equipped with a water cooling system and GPU.
5. Chipset
The fifth component in a desktop computer is the chipset. Just like RAM, this component serves as a communication link between the CPU and other components.
6. RAM/Memory
This component is not only a communication link between computer components, but is also in charge of storing various types of data. Computers that have large RAM, the storage capacity is also more, and is not easy to slow down.
7. GPU/graphics card
This component is in charge of carrying out user commands related to the graphical process. For gamers, animators, designers usually not only need an internal GPU, but also need a dedicated GPU with a larger size.
8. ROM
ROM or Read Only Memory is where the BIOS firmware and settings are stored. However, BIOS is generally used on older computers, because the majority of modern computers use UEFI.
9. CMOS battery
This component is in charge of providing power to the BIOS, so that the BIOS settings and date are not lost, and the computer continues to run.
10. Hard disk
All data and the operating system will be stored on the hard disk. However, hard drives are not popularly used on portable computers, SSDs are more widely used in portable computers. SSDs have faster read and write speeds than HDDs, besides that SSD power usage is also more efficient.
11. Monitor
Well, this one component must be known to everyone, because this component is in charge of displaying graphics in collaboration with the graphics card. Along with the development of technology, more and more monitor forms, even today touchscreen monitors are very popular.
Those are some important components of a desktop computer. Actually the components in a portable computer are also not much different, it’s just that they are packaged more concisely and more sophisticatedly.

4 Most Popular and Trusted Free Movie Watch Applications

The world of cinema will never fade if the technology developed always plays a more active and attractive role. Because everyone must have watched TV. For movie fans, they certainly don’t want to see that spectacle – that’s all every day. Because it would be very boring if you have to watch commercial breaks in the middle of the excitement of the ongoing film.
Therefore, there are now many popular and trusted free movie watching applications that can be downloaded quickly. So that movie fans and even online soccer gambling fans can enjoy the beauty of the events they want without having to watch commercial breaks. Because the presence of advertisements will allow them to be reluctant to linger in front of the screen.
And there’s no need for much further ado, below are some applications that can be directly installed via an Android phone, including;


1. iflix
There are many movie lovers who always get comfort when watching the world’s best movies. Iflix is ​​a free movie watching application that is able to provide all kinds of genres ranging from Japanese, Korean, Thai, Western, Indonesian and others.
Uniquely, film lovers don’t need to be confused anymore if they are not able to capture the contents of the dialogue in each film. Because iflix offers subtitles from various types of languages. However, this application does not display all types of movies. Even so, there are already many of the best films that always air every week.

2. MAXstream
Not only iflix, MAXstream can also be used as the best movie watching application to entertain yourself in your spare time, maybe even in the midst of a busy schedule. Not only the most popular movies are offered, but also world sporting events, TV series, cartoons and others.
MAXstream also provides high resolution for users. So enjoying the beauty of all kinds of films will feel perfect. However, you are required to have a subscription data package to make it more flexible. If you want more, use Wi-Fi so that accessing the movie is more fun.

3. Viu
Viu is a movie watching application that is very loved by Korean Drama fans. Because of course the application is dominated by Korean TV series. However, Viu also has other genres to add warmth to film lovers such as India, China, Thailand, Malaysia to Western.
But unfortunately Viu is still often disturbed by advertisements that appear suddenly. Even so, the duration of the ad can be skipped after 5 seconds. So the satisfaction of watching movies through this application is getting more interesting.

4. Cinema Box
Cinema Box is widely recognized as one of the best movie provider apps of all time. Interestingly, this application is not only available on Android phones, but iOS to iPhone. While the image quality on the application is very high. So film lovers can enjoy the beauty of the event more.
Interestingly, Cinema Box also presents a Download menu. So users can download to save some movies to watch. If you want to get the best satisfaction while watching, it is recommended to use Google Chromecast to be able to watch all shows like a big screen TV.
In conclusion, the four free movie watching applications above have covered everything for world cinema fans. Instead of collecting DVDs or Copy Paste in internet cafes, having one of these applications is very profitable and can provide invaluable entertainment.

Supervision of the Internet World Against Children

The internet world which is increasingly advanced and growing rapidly sometimes has a negative impact on minors. How can? Because their activities since the last few years have mostly happened by staring at the laptop or smartphone screen. Ironically, the things they do are always related to the internet connection.
Supervision of children for parents should not be loose. Because many people think that the world of the internet can plunge them into the wrong abyss. On the other hand, many people benefit from the media. In conclusion, the use of the internet is very much in line with the circumstances and needs of each individual. It all depends on how they react to it.
But as a parent, supervising their children who are engrossed in surfing the internet is very mandatory. The goal is that they do not approach the means of online gambling games that will have an impact on the future. Furthermore, we have advice that must be followed in supervising children under age, namely;

Internet World Against Children

Giving the Right Direction
The role of parents towards their children is to be able to provide the right direction when they are playing with the internet world. Where every activity they carry out must remain under strict supervision. However, not everything they do is judged or judged less good. It’s just that their participation in the opportunity must be in accordance with the needs naturally. Basically directing does not mean smarter.

It must be done in order to hack the bad things that will happen to the baby. As in general, many parents are negligent in seeing their students linger with gadgets. Even though the radiation of the device is very bad for the nerves of the brain. At least they need to limit the use of gadgets so they are not too addicted in the long term.

Controlling Daily Activities
Meanwhile, control of daily activities is also carried out. Keep in mind that today’s children look more aggressive than the previous generation. Because without studying in the world of education, they also appear to be experts in tinkering with internet media. This happened because all the various reviews had indoctrinated them to do new things.

As a wise parent, accompanying the baby when playing the internet is very necessary. Because in addition to knowing the activities carried out by their students, they can also explore the expertise they have. This ability can be polished depending on the interests of the baby. So that their involvement when plunging into the real world does not feel foreign.

Understanding the Importance of the Future
And the most important point is to understand how important the future is. Armed with the world of the internet, parents can also direct their students to plan a new life. Where at this time all activities in the modern world always use the median internet for daily life supplies.
Not a few minors who appear brilliant in tinkering with future potential. The role of parents in this matter must play a major role. If what they are doing is very positive, then providing full support is the best move. Because all parents really want the best for their children. Therefore, their involvement in facing the rigors of the modern era must be carried out.

Reasons of Using Legal WhatsApp

Reasons of Using Legal WhatsApp – WhatsApp becomes one of the most popular and most used instant messaging apps in the world nowadays. The app is very easy to use. It is quite smooth and it does not take much storage. It can run smoothly. WhatsApp have made many improvements. At first, the app was only for chat. Then, it can be used for calling people. There were also many options of attachment. Once the sticker and emoji appeared, it was so exciting. Thus users of WhatsApp can enjoy texting by using the stickers or emoji. Even, stickers can be made by the users. It is surely very convenient.

However, recently there are third-party apps that provide and offer same function as the WhatsApp official. Even, they are more interesting. Users can easily change the theme, keyboards colors, and even texts. There are many kinds of setting that can be accessed to enjoy something that do not exist in the WhatsApp official. It is normal when people tend to use the third party app since these offers same functions. Moreover, users still can connect to the WhatsApp database so it is easier and more convenient to backup and restore the data. In simple way, it looks like the apps more beneficial than the legal or official ones.

WhatsApp Mod

Axiontech – In this case, the apps are known as WhatsApp Mod. The word Mod stands for modification. However, it should be kept in mind that these are from third parties. In other words, official developers of WhatsApp will not take any responsibility whenever there are some problems that may occur during the process of using the WhatsApp mod. This is beyond responsibility of the WhatsApp. Moreover, it was not available in Playstore, so it should be downloaded from third party of sources of websites. It means that users cannot automatically update the app. One of the worst problems is when your account is blocked by WhatsApp. In the end, it violates the rules to take the sources or blueprint of app, and then use it without any permission. That is why it is very possible for the users to get banned and blocked.

In this case, those who have used the WhatsApp modification or mod, they still can move to the real and official WhatsApp app. As what is mentioned above, it still can connect to the Drive, and later the files can be uploaded into the drive. Of course, it takes time depending on the size of data that should be backup. In this condition, users can start to download the real WhatsApp. Once the download is done, users can login with the account and download the file. When there is no problem, it will run smoothly. These may seem simple, but some people should know the risks of having WhatsApp mod. There are many of them and each of them looks attractive. However, there are risks of being banned and blocked by the developer of WhatsApp. That is why it is always better to use the safe app. Moreover, there are risks of malware since the apps come from third party and they will not take responsibility of any possible errors and problems.


Experiments of Using Windows 11 in Mobile Phone

Experiments of Using Windows 11 in Mobile Phone – All gadget lovers, especially the users of Windows OS must be very happy. Recently, Windows has announced that Windows 11 is ready to launch. The official launching was done several days ago, and it makes some people expect to use the Windows 11 as soon as possible. In this case, there is a student from France called Gustave. He made such a brave experiment. Together with his partner, Gustave and Bingxing Wang installed the Windows 11 into the mobile devices. Both of them used Lumia 950XL. It was phone that was empowered by Windows 10 although now it no longer has popularity anymore. In his YouTube account, people will be able to see the integration of Windows 11 in the smartphone.

Gustave Monce and his team were not new people who love dealing with smartphone, especially the ones powered by Windows. In this case, you will know that they do not randomly apply and install the driver of Windows 11 to the Lumia device. In fact, the team of 15 people had tried hard to make things possible. Their love to the gadget was in 5 years ago when the Windows phones were released. Unfortunately, they could not compete well. As what is mentioned above, the teams have lots of work to do. They conducted the porting process for the app. There were also steps to rewrite the driver so later it could work once it was used in the phone.

Experiments of Using Windows 11 in Mobile Phone

Axiontech – Personally, Gustave was satisfied with this work. He and his team really worked hard. He felt that it was one of the greatest achievement made by him and the teams. In term of its appearance or interface, it looked similar to the desktop mode. However, it has smaller size so it will help the phone to run multitasking without any problems. He expected that he could revive the Lumia again with the interface of Windows 11. That is why it was resized during the process. Next, it really looked like a Windows in desktop. When the screen was rotated, or it was in position of landscape or portrait, the taskbar and all other functions followed the movement of the screen. It was really interesting to see how the taskbar could change flexibly in the phone. It also worked smoothly although there were some minor problems. For example, problem appeared when Gustave wanted to share the screen with animation, but then it failed to run smoothly.

In fact, this was not his only achievement in using the Windows operating system on Lumia. In 2016, he believed that he was the first person who could integrate and install Windows 10 into Lumia 950S. These are also his achievements, and these were surely very interesting. Of course, it was not something that can be done easily. It requires knowledge, skills, and even good teams to work together. When someone does not have those qualities, it is better to skip trying the process. It may make your phone ruined and cannot be used anymore. Moreover, it was practiced in Lumia, a Windows Phone. That is why it may not seem too different.


Infection of Delta Variant and New Symptoms of the Infection You Online Gambling Fans Need to Know

Infection of Delta Variant and New Symptoms of the Infection You Online Gambling Fans Need to Know – Delta variant of Covid-19 now becomes problems in many countries whose many people like ONLINE GAMBLING. The other variants still exist, but delta variant is quite problematic since it can infect quickly and the virus spreads quickly. Recently, it is found that symptoms of bad cold shows on those who are infected by delta variant, especially those who live in highly contagious area of the delta variant. In fact, most general symptoms, such as shortness of breath and lung problems, still exist, but the symptom of bad cold becomes something new. Those who are infected show symptoms of headache, runny nose, and even congestion. “We have seen a number of folks with cold-like symptoms,” said Dr. Robert Hopkin Jr. Dr. Robert is an internist at University of Arkansas.

Even if the symptoms look similar to cold, it does not mean that this can be taken lightly. In fact, it can be more serious and problematic since those who have cold symptoms tend to cough and sneeze in which the respiratory droplets can be emitted and these all become media for the virus to infect people. Things that may seem mild can become worse and it can lead to something serious and severe. In this case Dr. Russell Vinik said that Covid-19 can present in different ways. He is chief medical operations officer at University of Utah Health. He also said that when someone has cold, it means that he or she is infected by Covid-19 or cold. That is why the person should get a test. Moreover, Dr. Vinik also said that those who have loss of taste and smell have lower frequency in positive cases now and it is more about people with the cold symptoms.

Infection of Delta Variant and New Symptoms of the Infection You Online Gambling Fans Need to Know

Axiontech – It is true that those who are infected by Covid-19 show the cold symptoms. However, it is still not clear about the reason why there are changes in the symptoms. So far, experts suspect that it is caused by the delta variant. Currently, the variant is responsible for at least 20% of new cases in United States, especially in Arkansas and Utah, where Dr. Hopkins and Dr. Vinik work. Data from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also shows this increase of case because of the delta variant. Then, higher case can be found in UK. The delta variant is responsible for 95% of new cases in U.K. Tim Spector also said the same thing regarding the symptoms. It is more like bad cold instead of the common symptoms as found in the other variants of Covid-19. Tim Spector is a professor of epidemiology at King’s College, London.

Spector currently work on a project called ZOE COVID Study. It uses app to help people in reporting the symptoms, status of vaccination, and even the other demographic information. There are around 4 million users in U.K. and 300,000 users in United States. The app helps Spector to know the most common symptoms in the society and it is also how he finds that the symptoms are more like the bad cold for the case of delta variant. Meanwhile, the cough and loss of smell no longer becomes one of the most common symptoms in the current Covid-19 infection cases.


The Use of Gadgets Against the World’s Population

The Use of Gadgets Against the World’s Population – Unknowingly the world is changing as time goes by. It really refers to the development of an increasingly sophisticated era every day. Meanwhile, there are many Information Technology (IT) experts who always develop their business for mutual progress. Thanks to their expertise, they have successfully launched new breakthroughs in responding to the modern world. They have developed a variety of gadgets to facilitate everyone’s activities.

The world’s population has also enjoyed the presence of these gadgets. Where in general, the gadgets that are now the most useful are Smartphones and Laptops. These two things cannot be separated. Because its usefulness in social life is very meaningful. One example of the world of education has now used this tool as a learning process.

And this time we will review in depth what the use of gadgets for the world’s population. Because in fact modern humans will never be in line without it. Let’s describe together some of the following reviews.

  • Number One Communication Means

Axiontech – In an era that is increasingly advanced and growing rapidly, gadgets have become the number one means of communication. Several centuries ago, there have been a number of traditional tools that can connect each other. However, in terms of time, it is still not efficient. Because users have to be willing to wait a few days to get information.
Unlike now, with only cellphones, everyone can interact directly from audio to video. So they can immediately catch the message given without having to wait long. Especially if you make a video call (Video Call). This seems to make the atmosphere of interaction more lively. And it could be that there will be other new things published in the next few years.

The Use of Gadgets Against the World's Population

  • Complementary Work Needs

The second use is as a complement to work needs. It has become a fact that every office, company and other workplace always uses PC and HP media to carry out work activities. Just say when one of the companies wants to send a letter quickly. They can use an electronic mail application (Email) to expedite the work process.
It’s not enough to just get to the site. All activities in the field of work must also be connected via the internet. So that the gadget is very meaningful for the progress of work. Uniquely, this tool can detect the presence of workers, financial arrangements, potential income and so on. The existence of this is very helpful in making work easier, dynamic and efficient.

  • Unlimited Profit Generator

And the last use is unlimited profit generator. Outside the company area, there are now many processes to get money that are very easy and concise. As is known, online slot players never forget to use gadgets to schedule optimization for real money bets. So they just play the easiest bet, then see the results obtained at the end of the game.

In addition, many people use the media to complete their daily needs. We can describe the online business. Many stalls without a place that often operate while offering goods. Uniquely, buyers are increasingly coming. Because today’s technological sophistication is quite tempting for the world’s population.

What is clear is that the use of gadgets does not only end on the site. This year alone many people are successful because of the media. What about the following years? Surely there will be billions of rich people who are ready to rule the world.

The difference between Real Money Online Gambling Applications and Software

The difference between Real Money Online Gambling Applications and Software – The rise of real money betting events online is really tempting for a number of gambling connoisseurs. Not a few of them are willing to leave the house to place bets with small to large capital. Previously, the gambling process could only be carried out through home agents. But now the development of technology has supported these activities to provide convenience. So that real money online gambling applications and software appear.

If revealed more deeply, online gambling applications and software are not much different. Because the main goal is to allow players to bet freely to no limit. The most important thing for players is to play to their heart’s content until they get the profit according to the plan. However, technological changes that are increasingly rapidly increasing have offered new breakthroughs in the world of online gambling.

Beginner players should know more about the differences between the two. Because that way they can explore a diverse and drama-filled betting agenda. So that the future of their bets is guaranteed. And the review below will explore in depth the differences between online gambling applications and software.

  • Online Gambling Application

Public bettors from all over the world also know that the presence of online gambling applications really helps the process of placing real money bets. Generally, this application is designed specifically for lovers of Android phones. So far, there have been many betting applications issued by a number of trusted gambling sites. Because they only want to offer various kinds of convenience so that the betting process continues to run optimally.

Talking about the type of Android application, every player can directly download it through the App Store or Play Store. Even if they don’t want to be complicated, they have to join a trusted site to get the APK application link. After the installation of the application is complete, players just need to carry out betting activities as usual. And of course using an application like this is very easy, fast and practical.

The difference between Real Money Online Gambling Applications and Software

  • Online Gambling Software

Axiontech – While online gambling software itself is a driving force for the game agenda. In general, the software only exists on hardware devices such as laptops or PCs. Some of these online gambling sites have yet to issue the installation master to the public. So each member can only bet through certain websites.

There have been various kinds of software developed by trusted gambling vendors. In fact, they always combine it with the world’s best server, which is still the first choice. Because they see that the members don’t really care about the problem. Because the most important thing for them is to be able to play and win bets. Moreover, if success continues, then they can always get big profits.

Which One Should You Choose To Play Online Gambling?

When viewed from the side of the difference between the application and the online gambling software above. It is ensured that each member needs to install an APK application with an Android phone. Because of what? Smartphones are a basic need this year. So the gadget is never out of hand wherever it goes. So that way the players will never feel the delay when they want to place a bet.

Because for sure they can review the latest betting information and look for accurate tactics to be able to win it. It is recommended that players must carry out the installation process only on trusted and most popular applications today. Because in addition to having a high security guarantee, they can also be more fun in carrying out betting activities online.