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How to order?
How to RMA?
-   I cancelled my order, would my credit card be charged ?
-   What if my credit card purchase will not go through?
-   I have CC AVS (Credit card authorization issue), what can I do?
-   I would like to ship to a different address. What should I do?
-   How do I apply for Credit, Net Terms, or to pay using Company check ?
-   How do I see a list of unpaid invoices ?
-   How much do you charge for Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) check ?
-   How much do you charge for late fees and penalties ?
-   Where should I mail in payment to ?
-   Does Axion lease products?
-   What address should I send in payment to?
-   How do I send payment by Wire Transfer?
-   What payment types do Axion accepts ?
-   Can I pay using a personal check or a company check ?
-   How long until I receive credit from the time Axion received my return product ?
-   Why is my refund less than what I have expected ?
 · TAX
-   How do I use my Texas Reseller Permit / Tax Exempt ?
-   Do tourists have to pay sales tax ?
-   Do I have to pay sales tax ?
-   What if my credit card or invoice shows a wrong amount ?
-   What should I do when my credit card show a double charge ?
-   How do I sign up for a corporate account?
-   Who do I contact with questions regarding corporate accts?
-   What are the advantages of setting up a corporate account?
-   How do I apply for Net Terms or Credit payment?
-   How do I check the status of an order?
-   What is the procedure for placing orders?
-   Will I recieve price discounts with my corporate account?
-   Would it be possible to receive corporate pricing without an account?
-   Can you get high-end equipment not listed on your website?
-   How do I exchange a product (within 30 days) ?
-   How do I obtain an RMA Number ?
-   Is there restocking fee for exchange/return?
-   What products are not allowed for exchange/return?
-   How do I check my RMA status?
-   What is the turn around time for most returns/exchanges?
-   What address should I use to return the package?
-   I am too late to return a product (after 30 days). What can I do?
-   How do I contact the RMA department?
-   My package was damaged during shipping, what should I do?
-   Where can I see the Terms and Conditions?
-   How to order and receive government discount ?
-   How do I get special government prices?
-   Who qualifies for government prices?
-   What type of payment do you accept?
-   Do you have a separate website for Government purchasing with special pricing?
-   How to order and receive government discount ?
-   What type of payment do you accept?
-   Where is the QISV website?
-   How do I obtain an RMA Number ?
-   I have a question, who should I contact?
-   I saw a product I wanted to buy before, but I do not see it anymore.
-   Can I ship to a different address other than my billing address?
-   When will my Quicksell order shipped ?
-   What is DOA warranty mean ?
-   May I pick-up my order at your Houston store?
-   How do I CHANGE or CANCEL an order?
-   How can I check my order status?
-   What is the best way to contact someone if there is a problem with my order?
-   If an item is not in stock what happens?
-   Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses?
-   How do you calculate shipping for APO/FPO ?
-   Do you accept COD for orders from Canada?
-   What type of payment can I use?
-   How do I apply for Net Terms or Credit payment?
-   Once I place an order how long before it ships?
-   Do you ship to Canada?
-   Do you have a reseller program?
-   Can you ship to a different address than the billing address of the credit card?
-   What is the difference between OEM and retail?
-   What does call and limited mean on availability?
-   Do you match competitors pricing?
-   How do I figure the shipping cost?
-   What shipping methods do you offer?
-   How do I place an order?
-   Does Axion offer international shipping?
-   Do you ship to APO/FPO Address?
-   How do I report a damaged package during shipping ?
-   Will my package(s) be insured ?
-   Do you ship to Canada ?
-   Do you ship internationally?
-   How does Axion calculate shipping cost ?
-   Do you require signature for package delivery?
-   Do you ship to Hawaii and Alaska?
-   Which shipping carriers and services are available ?
-   What does Drop-Shipping mean ?
-   How long does it take to ship a package ?
-   My DVD play back is slow, or stutters.
-   I am looking for a CD-RW to use with my Mac, iMac...
-   I purchased a OEM CD-RW, and i do not have software for buring!
-   I Purchased a OEM CD-ROM, and i dont have Drivers.
 · CPU
-   What is overclocking/ how do I overclock?
-   will Your CPU work in my Compaq, Dell....?
-   Is My CPU running too HOT?!
-   I want to build or upgrade to a SMP(dual CPU) System...
-   why does my CPU not run at the correct speed?
-   Can i upgrade my Socket 370 board to a PIII Tualitan CPU?
-   Can I use a Athlon XP in my system?
-   Why does my Athlon XP show a different speed in Sandra etc...than what it was listed as?
-   I am confused, are the Pentium III Processors Slot 1 or Socket 370?
-   Can I Upgrade My Slot A Athlon to a Faster Socket A Athlon?
-   Is my CPU covered by a warranty?
-   what is the front side bus of my CPU?
-   I am confused about Socketed and Sloted CPUs?
-   I cannot install RedHat 6.2 on my Athlon/Duron system!
-   Which setting should i use for the switch on the back of my power supply?
-   My Floppy light stays on!
-   I called tech support and I tried thier suggestions, but i think there is a problem with my component!
-   I have been Researching, and reading before i purchase, but i am still confused!
-   Does the manufacturer of my component offer a warranty?
-   Why does my USB device not work in Windows 95/DOS?
-   Should i use AMD or Intel?
-   What is an OEM Product?
-   What if i cannot find my Motherboard Driver CD?
-   when or why should I flash my BIOS?
-   can i upgrade my Hard drive with out losing my data?
-   What is ATA-33/66/100/133?
-   FDISK does not work on my 80 GB hard drive, what do I do?
-   i cannot connect at 56k! why?
-   Which motherboards support the P4?
-   My motherboard does not boot.
-   Should i use the Power connectors on the motherboard or from the PSU?
-   I have a P4 (i845/i850) system, what video cards can I use?
-   Does My P4 or Athlon system need a specific power supply?
-   How can I test My ATX Power Supply?
 · RAM
-   Why does my RDRAM (RAMBUS) not work? is it my motherboard?
-   What RAM will work in my Laptop?
-   My Motherboard has DDR and SDRAM(PC100/133) slots-can I use both?
-   I Cannot find My CD Key for My software, can you send me another?
-   can i upgrade my operating system?
-   How do i know if a product will work in my Operating System?
-   I am having problems with my Creative Labs Live! (Liveware3) in my Dual CPU system
-   My Motherboard has on board sound, can i use a different sound card?
-   I Cannot get my Onboard sound to work
-   Where can i get drivers for my VooDoo (3dfx) series card?
-   My Motherboard is only x2 AGP, can i use a x4 AGP video card(or Vice Versa)?
-   My VooDoo 5500 is not running at x4 AGP!
-   Which drivers should i use?
-   What are all these versions of GeForce cards?
-   How do I submit my list of product(s) that I would like to sell?
-   How do Axion determine the appraised value of my product?
-   What kinds of payment do Axion use to reimburse me for my product?
-   How should I pack and ship the product?
-   How long does it take before I can get my credit or check?
-   Where do I send my products to?
-   How do I check my Trade-In Status ?
-   Do you accept Walk-In trade-ins?
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· Large HDDs on older systems
· RDRAM name game
· ATI Radeon 9700 Pro
· 32bit RDRAM and PC1066
· Got Klez? Virus protection
· Upgrades/builds Continued
· Upgrades or New? Cont.
· Benchmarks-should i upgrade?
· Before you Click OK!!
· Before Flashing your BIOS...
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· Microsoft tool now roots out Zeus malware
· Samsung starts mass production of densest NAND flash memory
· Symantec adds service-level templates to Storage Foundation
· Hadoop pitched for business intelligence
· HTC CEO talks on business behind new Windows Phone 7 OS
· Microsoft pulls plug on Live Spaces blog platform
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