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Networking | Assembly | Upgrades & Repairs | On-Site | Web Development | Custom Program | HOSTING
    AxionTech.com is one of the leading providers in Dallas for computer sales, data communication and networking solutions specifically designed for small businesses, remote offices, mobile professionals and home end-users.  Through its team of experienced research/development engineers and software specialists, AxionTech.com provides services and solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.  AxionTech.com’s capabilities, experience, and dedication to excellence have been proven time and again throughout its eight year history.  AxionTech.com always looks for ways to improve our own productivity and efficiency.  Let us bring the power of our expertise and experience to your business.

It is important to properly interconnect computers and computer networks.  Networking security issues rank among the top computer-related concerns.  Networking increases productivity, promotes better communication and reduces computer equipment costs through resource sharing.  Your return of investment (ROI) greatly increases when you network your business properly.  At AxionTech.com, providing each customer with a stable, secure and highly-available network is our goal.  AxionTech.com has experience in many aspects of computer networking, including VPN, Wireless, Remote Access, Remote Management, Staff Mobility, SSL, TCP/IP, IPX, Voice over IP, Peer to Peer and Cable installation.  AxionTech.com offers a free initial consultation visit to your business in the Greater Dallas Area.

Since our main business is reselling computer products and barebone systems, we are always building and assembling new custom PCs.  AxionTech.com’s trained and experienced technicians have built thousands of PCs for our customers.  All computer assembly tasks follow our stringent quality control procedures and must pass an industry standard 24-hour burn-in test suite before being deemed acceptable.  Assembly rates at AxionTech.com are attractively priced fixed fees.

Upgrades & Repairs
If you are on a tight budget or are trying to extend the life of an old computer, AxionTech.com can help.  With AxionTech.com’s 40,000+ computer parts and Axion.com’s experience building thousands of custom PCs, you can be assured that your computer upgrades and repairs will go smoothly and will cost you the least amount of money.  Bring in your old computer or call us for a free estimate.  Our labor rates are quite reasonable.
Do you have a system which is dead or a component which you suspect is defective?  Let one of our trained, experienced technicians diagnose your hardware's problems.  Technicians on our staff rank among the most knowledgeable in Dallas, and some of them have decades of troubleshooting experience in the field and in-house.  That is why the service departments for some of the major chain stores call us for technical advice and solutions!  If you are in the Greater Dallas Area, you can bring your part into our store or schedule a support call from one of our field technicians.
Please click HERE to see our assembly rates.

AxionTech.com’s experience and expertise goes beyond our office.  AxionTech.com is also experienced at working on-site.  AxionTech.com has installed networks, built server rooms, installed telephone systems and camera systems, and more.  If you have a non-functional computer or server that cannot be moved, our technician will come to you.  AxionTech.com technicians are insured to work at your business or home.

Web Development
While there are plenty of “web designers” out there, qualified and experienced web developers are hard to find.  AxionTech.com specializes in dynamic websites which require custom programming, database integration and web-based applications.  Whether your project is for the internet, intranet or extranet, talk to AxionTech.com's web developer for our opinion and a free estimate.  AxionTech.com’s know-how and experience is self-evident from this web-site (www.AxionTech.com) and our portfolio.

Custom Programming
AxionTech.com has developed custom programs for commercial use. The software that we are using to run AxionTech.com is also developed by our developer team. Our programmers enjoy the challenge of solving problems and automating your business to improve productivity and increase efficiency.  We take pride in developing quality programs custom-tailored to your business’ needs.  We develop programs for Windows, Pocket PC and Linux platforms using Visual Basic, Java and C++.

AxionTech.com believes in providing a turn-key solution when it comes to building and maintaining a website.  For this reason we started to provide hosting business as well. We can host your site on our secured and highly available servers for much less than owning and maintaining your own.  We provide both Windows and Linux server platforms.  Our facility is connected by several Tier-1 T1 using different backbones.  Our experienced technicians make sure our servers are up and functioning properly.

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