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  • What does “RMA” mean?
  • What are AxionTech.com’s tech support hours?
  • Can I get support help before ordering?
  • What is AxionTech.com’s warranty period?
  • What is the Return Policy?
  • I have many Intel system questions.
  • I have many AMD system questions.
  • Is there a section for driver download?
  • Is there an Online Knowledge Base for FAQ / Tech Support?
  • How can I cancel my order?
  • How can I obtain a tracking number for my shipped package(s)?
  • How can I obtain more information about a manufacturer?
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    Glossary of Computer Terms

    Our RMA/Tech Support Department is available to provide information specific to our customers’ needs. Please keep in mind that if you own a brand name system such as Dell, Compaq, Gateway, etc., then you are encouraged to contact the manufacturer of your system to obtain technical specifications and upgrade paths for your particular system.  The manufacturer possesses the details for your model; AxionTech.com does not.  AxionTech.com provides information and services to our customers to augment their research and to help clarify misunderstandings as we are able.  Complete research is the customer’s responsibility, and AxionTech.com will not and cannot make guarantees regarding compatibility and/or support or performance.  We gladly assist our customers and will answer questions regarding specifications for any product we carry to help you determine the correct upgrade or assembly purchase.  AxionTech.com considers it unrealistic to expect every technician to be an expert in every area, especially with the speed at which technologies are evolving.
  • What does “RMA” mean?
      “RMA” is an acronym for Return Merchandise Authorization.  RMA numbers are issued over the phone or through e-mail from one of our technicians.  AxionTech.com customers must have a valid RMA number in order to return merchandise for repair, replacement, exchange, or refund.
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  • What are AxionTech.com’s Tech Support Hours?
      Our Phone R.M.A./Support Technicians are available Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm C.S.T. to assist you.
    Walk-In R.M.A. are accepted Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm.
    AxionTech.com provides limited phone support for all products we carry.  We will be happy to answer basic setup/configuration questions after your purchase.  However, we do expect our customers to be digilent in performing their own research first, as AxionTech.com is not in the user training business. Questions such as, “How do I network my PCs?” and “How do I set up a RAID array?” are not appropriate for our Tech Support telephone lines.

    Technical Support/RMA can be reached at 972-428-5440
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  • Can I get support help before ordering?
      Yes.  We will be delighted to answer any questions you may have prior to making your purchases.  However, we strongly encourage our customers to research products on their own to determine compatibility with their existing software and/or hardware prior to calling AxionTech.com’s technical support personnel.
    If you still have questions after thoroughly researching a manufacturer's website, relevant newsgroups, FAQs, etc., then please call or email us.
    Many RMAs are completely avoidable if, before making their purchases, the customer will diligently perform their own research and then call us to clear up specific unanswered questions.
    Technical support/RMA can be reached at 972-428-5440 (10AM - 5PM CST, M-F)
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  • What is AxionTech.com’s warranty period?
      Unless specifically and plainly stated otherwise in the product’s on-line description, AxionTech.com warranties its products against defects for one (1) year from the day the package is delivered to the Ship To address by our carrier.  All warranties for repair/replacement periods begin on the day the original package is delivered to the Ship To address by our carrier.
    AxionTech.com Quicksell products have a 7 day D.O.A. (Dead On Arrival) Only warranty.  That means that an item purchased through our QuickSell department will be replaced, or a refund issued, only within seven days of the day the package is delivered to the Ship To address by our carrier and only if the product was "dead" when the customer received it.  "Dead" in this context is defined as "does not function within manufacturer's specifications" and does not apply to compatibility issues.  A refund will not be issued if a QuickSell product is returned and our technicians find it to be functioning to the manufacturer's specifications.  Therefore, if you purchase an item from our QuickSell Department and it turns out to be incompatible with your other hardware or software, then you still own it:  no refund or exchange will be given in such instances.  The 7 day warranty period begins on the day the package is delivered to the Ship To address by our carrier.
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  • What is the Return Policy?
      Products may be returned for refund or exchange within 30 days of the original purchase date.  After that, products under warranty will be replaced or repaired as necessary.  Requests for refunds or exchanges will be denied after the 30-day grace period has expired.
    A 15% restocking fee will be charged for RMA items determined by our technicians to be non-defective.  It behooves our customers, then, to make sure they are not assuming facts not in evidence when they choose to decide that a product is defective.  We receive many “defective” items back here which were merely jumpered incorrectly or had some similarly simple problem; they were not defective at all.  Such cases cost both our customers and AxionTech.com time and money.  So please be careful and diligent in your troubleshooting efforts.
    When returning a product for any reason, all accessories which shipped with the product must be returned.  This includes the retail box, all inserts, warranty cards, manuals, CDs, cables, I/O shields, etc.  Fees ranging from $5 — $50 will be charged for each of the missing items.
    Overclocking any product voids the warranty with AxionTech.com (and with most manufacturers as well).  Tampering with or “customizing” a product voids its warranty.
    Processors and memory modules are not refundable under any circumstances and will not be exchanged unless they were defective on arrival (D.O.A.).  Non-functioning and malfunctioning products will be replaced with like items.
    Software is non-refundable.
    Media (CDRs, tapes, etc.) is non-refundable.
    Opened and/or used toner cartridges and printers are non-refundable.
    Customer is responsible for all shipping charges back to Axiontech.com due to manufacturer defect or DOA unless TESTING is paid.
    For complete details of our Return Policicies, please visit our Main Return Policy Page.
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  • How can I cancel my order?
      If you have an e-mail and password for login, you can cancel your order from here.  However, AxionTech.com cannot guarantee that an e-mail cancellation will be successful.
    If you want your cancellation to be guaranteed its best chance of being successfully achieved, or if you do not have an email address, please call our sales department at 972-428-5440.
    Orders which have already shipped cannot be cancelled.  Call our Sales staff at (972) 428-5440 and let them know you want to cancel the order.  Usually you will be instructed to just refuse the package when it arrives.
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  • How can I obtain a tracking number for my shipped package(s)?
      If you have supplied us with a valid e-mail address on your account, then that information can be found in Order Status.  An update will be sent every weeknight to your e-mail address.
    Without an e-mail address for your account, you can only obtain your tracking number by phone.
    Tracking numbers for orders which have been drop-shipped from one of our vendors are sometimes quite difficult to come by, especially if the vendor is one of the big boys.  Therefore, AxionTech.com cannot guarantee we will be able to get one of those tracking numbers, but we do promise to give it our best effort.
    NOTE: We do not spam advertisements to your e-mail address, nor does AxionTech.com give or sell your email or any other personal information to anyone else.  EVER.
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  • How can I obtain more information about a manufacturer?
      We maintain a list of manufacturers' web site URLs.
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