4 Most Popular and Trusted Free Movie Watch Applications

The world of cinema will never fade if the technology developed always plays a more active and attractive role. Because everyone must have watched TV. For movie fans, they certainly don’t want to see that spectacle – that’s all every day. Because it would be very boring if you have to watch commercial breaks in the middle of the excitement of the ongoing film.
Therefore, there are now many popular and trusted free movie watching applications that can be downloaded quickly. So that movie fans and even online soccer gambling fans can enjoy the beauty of the events they want without having to watch commercial breaks. Because the presence of advertisements will allow them to be reluctant to linger in front of the screen.
And there’s no need for much further ado, below are some applications that can be directly installed via an Android phone, including;

1. iflix
There are many movie lovers who always get comfort when watching the world’s best movies. Iflix is ​​a free movie watching application that is able to provide all kinds of genres ranging from Japanese, Korean, Thai, Western, Indonesian and others.
Uniquely, film lovers don’t need to be confused anymore if they are not able to capture the contents of the dialogue in each film. Because iflix offers subtitles from various types of languages. However, this application does not display all types of movies. Even so, there are already many of the best films that always air every week.

2. MAXstream
Not only iflix, MAXstream can also be used as the best movie watching application to entertain yourself in your spare time, maybe even in the midst of a busy schedule. Not only the most popular movies are offered, but also world sporting events, TV series, cartoons and others.
MAXstream also provides high resolution for users. So enjoying the beauty of all kinds of films will feel perfect. However, you are required to have a subscription data package to make it more flexible. If you want more, use Wi-Fi so that accessing the movie is more fun.

3. Viu
Viu is a movie watching application that is very loved by Korean Drama fans. Because of course the application is dominated by Korean TV series. However, Viu also has other genres to add warmth to film lovers such as India, China, Thailand, Malaysia to Western.
But unfortunately Viu is still often disturbed by advertisements that appear suddenly. Even so, the duration of the ad can be skipped after 5 seconds. So the satisfaction of watching movies through this application is getting more interesting.

4. Cinema Box
Cinema Box is widely recognized as one of the best movie provider apps of all time. Interestingly, this application is not only available on Android phones, but iOS to iPhone. While the image quality on the application is very high. So film lovers can enjoy the beauty of the event more.
Interestingly, Cinema Box also presents a Download menu. So users can download to save some movies to watch. If you want to get the best satisfaction while watching, it is recommended to use Google Chromecast to be able to watch all shows like a big screen TV.
In conclusion, the four free movie watching applications above have covered everything for world cinema fans. Instead of collecting DVDs or Copy Paste in internet cafes, having one of these applications is very profitable and can provide invaluable entertainment.