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Some Updates of Hardware Products in CES 2023

Some Updates of Hardware Products in CES 2023 – In the beginning of 2023, there was interesting event that made all PC users pay great attention. It was the CES 2023. CES has become annual events for many PC manufacturers to introduce their latest inventions and their upcoming products that would be released in markets. Many great brands of PC and even manufacturers of PC peripherals and software attended the event to introduce their products. Of course, there were many new things compared to the CES 2022. Among many products and exhibitions, there are some products of hardware that people are interested to buy to improve their PC performance. These are some of them.

First, it is a processor. AMD has developed the new generation of AMD Ryzen 9. The newest one is AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D. The new processor brings 16 cores with upgraded and improved performance. Moreover, it is for the Ryzen 9 that becomes the flagship chipset of AMD so performance becomes the vital concerns that people are expected. People do not need to worry about demands regarding the higher clocks of CPU. The X3D part added on the new processor will surely bring difference for those who demand higher speed and performance in many kinds of processing. Combination of V-cache and the X3D part surely brings huge and significant difference that make it one of the best processors to see in 2023.

Next, it is monitor. Acer releases new monitor. It is Acer Predator X45 OLED gaming monitor. As its name snows, it is dedicated for gamers who demand high quality of graphic and refresh rate. Of course, it uses the curved display to bring more realistic experiences in playing games. It uses 1440p resolution. This may not be highest resolution that current displays can offer. However, Acer develops the display by considering the burdens of GPU in processing the resolution. With higher resolution, it will demands CPU to work harder and it will be quite challenging and even burdensome for GPU. As for its size, you get 45 inches so you can get wide view of games that you play. You do not need to find the bezel because it is very thin so it will be great and it is almost invisible unless you really pay attention on the edge of the display. This can be good alternative display to choose instead of the ones with higher resolution. This will be more than enough to bring excellent experience in playing games.

It is not only AMD that releases the new generation of Ryzen 9. Intel also wants to keep competing in the market. Intel has Intel Core i9-13980HX. From its code, it is clear that it is the 13th generation of Intel core i9. Actually, Intel has impressive CPU in 12th generation that brought 24-cores. However, Intel is not satisfied with it so the 13th generation is released. Of course, it brings improvement and it is very significant that can increase up to 40% of the previous performance. This makes the previous generation that looks impressive become weaker. Even when it is compared to Apple M1 Max by using Cinebench R23, the new 13th generation of core i9 has better performance up to 164%. This is surely huge improvement. Then, it is more shocking with its speed that reaches 5.6 GHz.

Next, there is interesting case. It is CyberPower Kinetic 360V. The case may seem great in term of look. It offers futuristic looks that people will love. Its design, details, and color combination is awesome. However, people may only find that it is just the matter of appearance. In fact, the case offers more than just its look. This has something interesting once the case works. It actually has mechanical parts that will keep moving. There are panels that keep opening and closing when the case gets power. It will be very useful to provide better air circulation. It becomes supporting parts of cooling system to make sure that overheat will never happen inside the case.

When case is attractive, you may also want to upgrade the look of your keyboard. When your case is attractive, you cannot just ignore your keyboard. In this case, HP has something interesting to offer when you love something cute and attractive on your keyboard. HP releases the HyperX’s personalized keycaps. The keycaps are customized designs and these are limited editions. You are not going to get improved performance on your keyboard. It is really only for the appearance. However, its cute and attractive design surely will bring something different on the setting of your PC setups.

The mentioned hardware and peripherals are actually only some of them. There are more stuffs presented and exhibited in the CES 2023. However, these are enough to trigger your curiosity and even trigger you to prepare your budgets when you want to have some upgrades for your PC and even the desktop setups. Many interesting stuffs are ready for you.