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Tips for Caring for a PC Computer Monitor to Stay Durable

As we know, that the monitor is a vital component of the computer as a visual graphic display. Without a monitor, the user will not be able to operate the computer. Because its existence is very vital, it is important for users to take care of this one computer component. As technology develops, the types of monitors are also increasingly diverse, such as CTR, LCD, LED, and plasma. Then, what is the correct monitor screen care? The following are tips for caring for the monitor screen to keep it durable:

1. Installing a screen protector
Just like human skin that must be protected to stay healthy. The computer monitor screen must also be installed with a screen protector to avoid dust and scratches during the use process. The screen protector itself is generally made of a special strong plastic material. To buy it is quite easy, you just need to go to a computer accessories store.
2. Computer placement
The wrong placement of the computer can also affect the durability of the computer. Place the computer in a clean place, so that it is minimally exposed to dust and dirt. Because, dust and dirt can make the monitor quickly damaged. In addition, the correct placement of the computer also aims to prevent the monitor from liquid. Because, if the monitor is exposed to liquid, then its performance will be disrupted, so it cannot distinguish colors properly.
3. Temperature setting
Some types of monitors require different temperature settings to work optimally. Like LCD and LED monitors that require the right temperature and humidity. Avoid the computer from high temperatures, because it will shorten its life. Try to place the computer in a dry place and the room humidity is maintained.
4. Keep away from magnetic field
To keep the monitor durable, you should keep the monitor away from any components that contain magnetic fields.
5. Clean regularly
The monitor screen is a computer component that is prone to dust and dirt, therefore it needs proper regular cleaning. Use a duster to clean the LCD/LED monitor screen. When cleaning the LCD/LED monitor, try not to touch the display panel, because the panel is very sensitive. Then, to clean the display panel use a wet tissue, wipe slowly and carefully.
6. Use it well
The monitor screen is the most sensitive hardware component, so when opening or repairing it you have to be very careful. To maintain the durability of the monitor screen, you can use screen saver settings when using the computer in a short time. Not only the monitor screen, the CPU part of the computer must also be considered clean. This component, known as the brain of the computer, is also prone to dust and dirt. Accumulation of dust and dirt on the CPU, can cause the computer to shut down suddenly. Actually, the cleaning method is quite easy, it’s just that you need to be careful.

The first thing before cleaning the CPU, make sure all the power cables are all disconnected. Then, open the CPU case and remove some of the components inside. After all the parts are removed, clean using a blower or small brush. Avoid using any liquid to clean this part, because it can cause interference. After the components are clean, reinstall all the components as before. Make sure all components are installed as before, so that computer performance is not compromised. Just like the human body that is well cared for, they will not be susceptible to disease. Likewise, computers also require good maintenance, so that they can be used in the long term. The computer has become an inseparable tool of today’s work, its benefits for education, entertainment and for playing games such as slot online make humans always need it as a tool.